Privacy Notice

Digital Telecom Equity DMCC is a global company that is made up of many legal entities.  Excluding those legal entities that have their own separate privacy notices, this privacy notice applies to all legal entities within the Digital Telecom Equity DMCC group of companies.

We care about your privacy

Digital Telecom Equity DMCC respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. For your understanding and reference, this privacy notice describes how we collect, use and disclose personal data.

Here you will find our privacy practices in connection with the websites we operate, the software applications we make available for use through computers and mobile devices, our social media pages, email messages we send to users of DBOS brand licensed products and offline business interactions with you.  Collectively, we refer to the websites, apps, social media pages, emails (including to users of DBOS brand licensed products and services), and offline business interactions as the “services.”

This privacy notice does not apply to personal data collected and processed by DBOS brand licensed products and/or services. However, please note that Digital Telecom Equity DMCC may provide a service to communicate information about such products and services to you, and in connection with those activities, we may collect and process personal data from you as further clarified below.

You are not required to provide personal data to Digital Telecom Equity DMCC. Please keep in mind that if you choose not to provide your personal data to Digital Telecom Equity DMCC, we may not be able to provide you with either our products or services or all of their functionalities or to respond to queries you may have.

We may provide supplements to this notice providing additional and/or updated privacy information regarding our privacy practices that are specific to a product or service. Our products or services may contain links to other companies’ websites and services that have privacy notices of their own. Please access those notices to understand their privacy practices which are outside our responsibility.