Cloud service for dynamic local breakouts.

DBOS enables huge cost savings for mobile networks, connectivity providers and IoT users. It enables improved performance for your mobile connectivity services with low latency and IP localization demands e.g. video streaming, conference calls, as well as IoT -solutions like access control or remote management. DBOS provides a global network of standardized dynamic local breakouts for your 2,3,4 and 5GNR connectivity. DBOS is operational as a service and it offers monthly subscriptions. You don't have to be tied to a supplier contract and you don't have to worry about testing and updating your own packet gateways. Moreover it's independent. No integration with your visited network is required.

It is time to renew the way Telecom Technology works.

We offer local breakout of your data traffic at 28 locations - at the push of a button and as a service. More and more IoT devices and customers require fast connectivity worldwide. However, telecom and connectivity providers are not prepared for this: they still rely on “the best home network” and traditional bilateral roaming agreements. When your customer is roaming the data is currently traveling back to the home network on the other side of the globe. This adds unnecessary latency that is critical for e.g. IoT and VoIP use cases, as well as a non-localized internet experience. E.g. Google can show Dutch search results even when a roaming customer in Melbourne searches for restaurant recommendations in Melbourne.

DBOS is your solution. We provide local breakout of your traffic anywhere in the world - as a service.

Active and planned locations for DBOS dynamic local breakouts

DBOS is a network solution as a service.

DBOS takes care of all set-up and maintenance tasks. You just connect your back-end and forward your traffic to DBOS.

DBOS example architecture.

Which is fully deployed CUPS PGW with a control- as well user-plane instance, fully redundant as each location can instantaneously take over the traffic from another location and fully meshed to avoid single point of failures. Each location includes a state of the art firewall and low latency GRX/IPX roaming network access.

A few easy steps to use DBOS as a service.
step one

Connect DBOS to your Billing or Charging system.

Connect DBOS to your charging system using Gx or Gy via Diameter or a web API.

step two

Connect DBOS to your CRM or Location Steering.

To decide dynamically for each PDP request to which location it should be forwarded. The web API is based on JSON. Alternatively you can define easy business rules directly in DBOS

step three

Publish DBOS IP addresses.

Forward your traffic to DBOS by adding the DBOS IPs in your APN DNS or add the DBOS IPs in your existing GTP proxy server.

How many parallel data session does DBOS support?

DBOS can support unlimited parallel data session. The system can add more capacity on demand. The capacity is only limited by the number of IP addresses published in the IR.21

How much data throughput does DBOS support?

DBOS utilizes the connectivity capacity of a GCP data center.

Can you provide IR.21 IP addresses for GRX/IPX connectivity?

The IP addresses depends primarily on your own IR.21 publication or the IR.21 publication of your connectivity provider or roaming sponsor.

What is the DBOS contract length?

Minimum contract span is 1 month. We would like to keep our customer because they are satisfied with our service and not locked-in by lengthy contracts.

How long does it take to get DBOS up and running for me?

How long does it take you to update your APN DNS entries? This is usually the bottleneck. 

Does DBOS support Deep Packet Inspection?

Due to the fact that more and more traffic is encrypted via e.g. HTTPS DPI solutions are less and less effective. We are experimenting with traffic pattern and behavior to identify different service to support e.g. zero rating offers. However, this is not yet on the production system.

How do I set or switch locations for my customers?

Via a simple API call. You can either set business rules on DBOS or actively switch a location for a specific customer.

API call to set the default location for customers originating from a specific country based on the MCC
"mcc": "262", 
"location": "de1"

API call to immediately switch the location for a specific customer based on the IMSI
  "imsi": "313460000000001",
  "location": "dk1",
  "immediate": true

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